A Clean Sweep

02/05/2018 0 By tinaadmin
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A CLEAN SWEEP is a laugh-out-loud tale of love, lies and second chances. Love comes around when you least expect it. Fifty-something widow Emily isn't expecting romance. Nor is she expecting a hunky twenty-something chimney sweep on her doorstep. Daughter Tabitha knows something isn't quite right with her relationship, while her boss – Abba-loving Meryl – thinks she's found the real deal. Are they both right, or pursuing Mr Wrong? Emily's sister, Celeste, has the perfect marriage … or does she? Can a fitness tracker lead her down the path to happiness or heartbreak? Susan is single, overweight and resigned to a life of loneliness. There was the one who got away but you don't get another try, do you? Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of emotions in a book that will grab your heart, make you smile and wish you had a chimney to sweep.

An easy to read book on romance and relationships. This book falls under the genre of romantic comedy, however it also has really interesting story-lines on other characters. It took me a little while to warm to two of the main characters; I think Emily's daughter for example, was described as someone much younger than 29. However I was soon able to look past this and as the character developed, so did my interest in her.

The women face issues that a number of us can relate to, which makes you want to read on to see what happens.  There's not much I can say on this, without giving too much away, however I really enjoyed reading about how the relationships developed but especially how they supported each other when needed.


A lovely light novel, perfect for a Sunday afternoon with a cuppa!