An Edited Life

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Published: 2019-02-05
Declutter every aspect of your life -- from your wardrobe, exercise schedule and food budget to your phone, bookshelves and beauty regime -- with this realistic guide to getting neat and keeping things that way. Anna Newton is just trying to balance work, her friends, her family, her husband Mark, a growing handbag habit and a love for takeout pizza. Over the past 8 years of running the blog and corresponding YouTube Chanel 'The Anna Edit', she's grown a loyal viewership who tune in for her weekly videos on everything from house renovations to the best summer foundation. Anna is a typical Virgo – she loves being organized. She's Marie Kondo'd her house, nearly throwing away her TV remote in the process. She's waved goodbye to her things with Fumio Sasaki. She's minimized and bullet-journalled her schedules down to the finest detail. Along the way, she's realized something key: there's no one prescription for an organized life, a tidy home, and calm mind. Instead, it's all about editing. Learn how to edit your: • home • calendar • exercise regime • social life • me-time • capsule wardrobe • household budget • digital detox • beauty routine • office space It's about how to utilize your time and spend more of it doing what makes you happy. An Edited Life is here to help you stay on top of every aspect of your world.

I got quite excited when I heard that Anna Newton had written a book. She’s a blogger that I’ve followed for some time now and I was looking forward to more of her easy-going friendly writing style. This book exactly that and is written like Anna is sitting on the sofa next to you. Anna refers to the book as an organisation manual. I think to think of it as having a conversation with your really organised friend. Not only that, but one of my focuses this year is to streamline, so the tagline of this book appealed to me straight away. It ties in so much with the ethos of Simply Shine

The book covers your life, at work and at home which obviously is quite broad, but this is then narrowed down per category. For example, life is split down into

  • Sort your diary out
  • Money-the boring but crucial stuff
  • Self-care
  • How to have a social life that works for you
  • Creating goals and future plans

As with many developmental type book, you don’t need to read it in order and instead you could dip in and out and choose the sections that appeal to you the most.

I’ve read quite a few organisational books and blogs, so there were some sections that were not new to me. They were still useful to read though. It is a great collection of ideas. I can imagine in those times I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed it’s a good resource to refer back to.

I also think it’s a great book if you are just starting to work out how to streamline and organise life, work and home. If you are at a loss at where to begin with organisation and things feel a muddle, then this is a great book to get you started. It provides lots of hints and tips in a really practical way. It would make a great present for someone just starting out with organisation