Introducing Self-Care for Your Mind-Part One

Introducing Self-Care for Your Mind-Part One

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know self-care is crucial to me and a huge part of my blog. It took me collapsing in a gym class and a doctor telling me I had exhaustion for me to slow down and rest. Now I have a passion for promoting the importance of self-care for your mind, body and soul, and encouraging the use of 3 self-care activities every day. #3forMe

So what do I mean by self-care? Self-care is any activity that you do for yourselves; to protect, maintain, develop and improve your health and wellbeing. It is something that nourishes or benefits your mind body or soul in some way. Self-care is anything that inspires you and makes you happy. It fills you up and creates joy. Any activity that is like making a deposit in your energy bank.

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When we are living lives filled with activity, noise, and hurry, it is incredibly difficult to feel healthy and rested. When that is our overall experience with life, the result is that we become stressed and burned out. In order to nurture the health of our mind, body, and soul, we need ways to re-centre and restore. We need these in short spurts throughout the day-some only need to be 5 or 10 minutes long.

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This month the focus is on self-care for the mind. It is about learning and developing, but it is also about resting, simplifying and de-cluttering. Focusing on what is important and dismissing the rest, being mindful and self-aware. Self-care for the mind, for me is quite often about being in control of the inner critic or negative talk. Ensuring that you are thinking positively and being kind to yourself. Let’s talk about this in more. I’ve split this into five categories:

  • Learning and Development
  • Unplug (Rest and Recharge)
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset
  • Simplifying

This blog post will focus on Learning and Development and Unplug. So let’s get started

desk with phone coffee cup and glasses

Learning and development

Are you curious about the world around you? Wanting to learn more? Learning new things will give you a sense of achievement and success. Not only that it is good for your brain to keep learning. You may have heard that you need to change your workout routine every 6 weeks because your muscles get used to it. Well the same is true for the muscles in your brain if you stick to the same routine all the time. So what can you do?

  • Take another route to work. Just like I was saying above, mixing up your routine is good for your brain. It creates new neural pathways in the brain and this keeps it healthy.
  • Reading- a great way to soak up information. Devour books and audio books.
  • Set yourself goals- then work towards them.

.Desk with Note


Self-care for the mind is about learning and achieving more, however it is also about the ability to unplug, rest and recharge. We all need down time, to just be. To daydream and switch off. In our house we have “No Phones Friday” every Friday evening. (Okay most Friday evenings). It’s amazing the difference it makes. We might have a leisurely dinner, watch a film and generally catch up with what we’ve all been doing. Some other examples might be:

  • Find a quiet place outside and absorb nature. Listen to the sounds and clear your mind.
  • Carry out a minimeditation—became aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations by concentrating on your breathing.
  • Go technology free– turn off all unnecessary tech and breath a sigh of relief.
  • Have dinner with friends- and ban all serious topics of conversation!

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