Self-Love vs Self-Care

Self-Love vs Self-Care

07/02/2019 0 By tinaadmin

I’ve mentioned this before, I am passionate about promoting the importance and impact of daily self-care. I talk a lot about it on this blog and I have a Facebook group, Shine in Self-Care, with ideas, support and encouragement. There’s lot of exciting things to come as well by the way. I would like to think that if you are reading this, you take care of yourself. But do you love yourself? Are you confident and have confidence in yourself? Now you might not be too sure. So first let’s address what the difference is between self-love and self-care.


Self-care is any activity that individuals do for themselves, to protect, maintain, develop and improve their health and wellbeing. It is something that nourishes or benefits your mind body or soul in some way. Self-care is anything that inspires you and makes you happy. Any activity that is like making a deposit in your energy bank.

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Self-love, on the other hand, is about cultivating gratitude and acceptance towards yourself, physically and emotionally. Loving yourself unapologetically, feeling proud and confident. It’s how you feel better about yourself and accept your flaws. Above all things, Self-love is believing in ourselves.

Wow-doesn’t that sound incredible? Doesn’t that sound like what we’d all want more of? So what with Valentine’s Day later this month, not forgetting Galentine’s Day the day before-it got me thinking about self-love and confidence and how I can add value.

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Lack of confidence is something so many of us struggle with. It can pull you down, make you feel vulnerable. I’ve been there so many times and it is such a horrible feeling. Mastering self-love will transform your life. There’s no doubt about that. I would like to help you along that path.

Fancy Some Self-Development?

Starting 11th February-I’m running a FREE 7 day challenge. Know You’re Worth It focuses on self-love and confidence.

👎No more hiding
👎Feeling embarrassed
👎Thinking you’re unworthy

💛Learn to love you
💛Find ways to enjoy life
💛Grow in confidence. Shine in Life.

All you have to do, is sign up here:

I am so looking forward to an empowering and inspiring week!

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