This post was updated on 23/11/20

  • you are likely to be in survive mode, rather than thrive.
  • you might not have the head-space to think about making change in your life, however small
  • spending time and energy on setting your self-care goals might be seen as a ‘nice to have’
  • during times of stress and worry, it’s foundation level self-care that’s important


You know you could be doing more for you, maybe you’re waiting for permission. 

You know self-care is important but don’t always get round to it.

You need help to stay consistent with your self-care and wellbeing. 

You feel excited at the thought of finding something that will get you prioritising you.

Well read on, lovely. I have something for you…

The Self-Care Check In

accountability coaching, to help you stay on track with your self-care 

When you join The Self-Care Check In, you’ll get the tools you need to transform all of those things. You’ll;

  • be able to discover what actions you need to take to start feeling better 
  • be focused on what to do for you each day
  • feel motivated to take action 
  • get ongoing tips to improve on your self-care journey 
  •  be more balanced and less overwhelmed 
  1. Every month, you’ll receive an invitation to a goal-setting workshop, that will take place via Zoom. An opportunity to plan time for you, making sure you are looking after and prioritising yourself. 
  2. Also each week, you’ll receive a coaching email from me; Mindset and Wellbeing Coach, with powerful self-care tools ready for you to fall back on when you’re tired, stressed, overwhelmed or simply in need of some radical self-love. Email me your replies with what you’re going to be doing, knowing I’ll be keeping an eye out to see how you’re doing and will email back early the following week with support, encouragement and maybe strict coach talk if needed.

Why Accountability Coaching?

  1. Writing down your intentions and telling someone about them, helps you to keep to your commitments.
  2. You have someone checking in with you each week, wanting to know what you’ve done.
  3. You get advice and friendly feedback from a coach
  4. When you invest in yourself, its easier to stay focused to achieve your goals.
  5. It can be the difference between dreaming and taking action

Join Today!





£15 per month

£10 per month

£15 billed monthly

£120 billed annually

When you click the ‘Join’ button, you’ll be taken to a secure page where you can enter your payment details and check your subscription details before completing your sign up!

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your subscription. You’ll also receive a welcome message with further details on the next steps. 

I can’t wait to help you with your self-care

Tina x 

Mindset and Wellbeing Coach