This post was updated on 03/02/23

What You’ll Get

A workbook that works alongside the Start your Self-Care Challenge and goes further. It includes additional prompts and: 


  • daily journal prompts and affirmations.
  • a space to reflect on each day
  • a self-care audit
  • goal setting sheet
  •  sheet to rewrite your story
  • pages for notes and Q&As 

and more! 

All this for only 



Most frequent questions and answers

The document is sent to your in a PDF. will be delivered to you via email as a digital download.You can print it off to write on to it or use on a device. 

All the instructions are in the workbook and really easy to follow. 

Since this is a digital product, refunds cannot be processed.

Who Am I?

A Lifestyle and Wellbeing Blogger. I live near Cambridge, UK with my gorgeous husband Gareth and lovable Labrador Harvey.

Through self-awareness and changing daily practices, I have learnt to retrain my brain, slow down and shine in life. I can help you do the same. I have years of experience coaching leaders in organisations through change. Now I can help individuals make change; through my blog, free resources, online workshops and ebooks.

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Take that step to invest in yourself and get serious about your self-care and shining brighter in life.