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Reflect and Glow

Helping you to illuminate your way to wellbeing.

Feel calm and empowered so you can live an intentional and joyful life. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or disconnected?

Had enough of the daily hustle?

Are you searching for a way to pause & reflect? 

Hands up if you’re in survive mode, rather than thrive, but you want to change that.

🙋Hands up if you know you could be doing more for you, but other things get in the way

🙋 Hands up if you’re stuck for ideas but are open to understanding what works for you 

🙋Hands up if you need help staying consistent with your self-care and wellbeing 

and most importantly…

🙋Hands up if you feel excited at the thought of finding a way to prioritise you EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

Are you open to exploring new practices that can help you rekindle your inner glow, and regain a sense of balance in your life?

Reflective practices for wellbeing involve taking time to regularly reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and experiences in order to enhance your overall mental and emotional health. It’s a self-awareness technique where you examine your reactions, behaviours, and patterns, and consider how they impact your wellbeing. This process can help you identify sources of stress, triggers, and areas for improvement, ultimately leading to personal growth and better emotional resilience.      

I’ve been where you are

I know what it’s like to feel tired all the time, but still feel like you have to be there for everyone else. I know how isolating it can be when you are trying to make changes but you don’t have the right support around you. I also know that when you’re ready to make changes to your mindset and lifestyle, it is possible, due to the successful changes I’ve put into place for myself. 

Once a perfectionist with high standards, I struggled with anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.

Determined to improve, I immersed myself in learning and I discovered techniques to regain my shine.

Now, I’ve greatly improved due to the mindset and wellbeing techniques I have become an expert in. I embrace imperfection, practice self-care every day and manage my energy levels. I feel nourished and prioritise myself unapologetically. 

Since becoming a Mindset and Wellbeing Coach, I help my clients and members to change their lives by changing the way they view themselves. 

And now I want to support you to do the same.

Are you ready? 


The Reflect and Glow mini membership is specifically designed for overwhelmed empaths and sensitive souls who are seeking a simple but super powerful way to wellbeing.


If you’ve ever felt the weight of burnout, anxiety, or depression, this membership is your haven of support. It’s for those who are ready to embrace a life-changing journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment, all guided by the wisdom and expertise of a dedicated Mindset and Wellbeing Coach. 🌟🌷

When you join Reflect and Glow, you’ll get the tools you need to illuminate your way to wellbeing, helping you feel empowered, calm and intentional. 

Balanced: Reflect and Glow will guide you towards a balanced lifestyle, where you can manage stress more effectively and find harmony between your responsibilities and self-care.

Calm: By integrating reflective practices, you’ll experience a newfound sense of calm, even in the midst of life’s chaos.

Empowered: Through Reflect and Glow, you’ll regain a sense of control over your life, feeling empowered to navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Mindful: Through the practices learned in Reflect and Glow, you’ll develop mindfulness, enabling you to savour each moment and live with a greater sense of presence and intention. 

Radiant: As you deepen your reflective practice with Reflect and Glow, you’ll notice an inner radiance that positively impacts your relationships and overall outlook on life.

You'll Get Access To:

Daily journal prompts;

elevate your self-awareness with prompts that empower you to embrace your thoughts & feelings. Uncover insights, set intentions and make each day count. 

Monthly workshop:

a guided and interactive workshop to review, celebrate and focus on your way to wellbeing.   

Access to the community: 

Share your thoughts and receive support and encouragement along the way. Above all, knowing you’re not alone. 

A growing library of resources & trainings:

checklists, templates, and planners to guide you every step of the way. New templates or trainings every month.

Fancy a sneak peak...?

Here are some of the resources already in the mini-membership…

So as a reminder, you’ll receive…

1. Monthly Theme:

Each month will now revolve around a captivating theme for wellbeing. Get ready to dive into a world of exploration and growth with themes that inspire and uplift.


2. Resource Bundle:

Say hello to a thoughtfully curated bundle of resources designed to encourage deep self-reflection and enhance your overall wellbeing. This bundle will be your friend for the month.


3. Daily Journal Prompts:

Elevate your self-awareness journey with *daily* journal prompts that empower you to embrace your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Uncover insights, set intentions, and make each day count.

Today’s price. All this for this £7 per month! 

Reflect and Glow

Pay monthly
£ 7 Monthly

Reflect and Glow

Discounted year upfront
£ 77 Yearly
Best Value

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reflect and Glow?

A mini-membership, helping you to feel empowered, calm, and intentional with your self-care practices.  

What does the membership include?

  1. Monthly wellbeing theme to guide your journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. 
  2. Resource Bundle: designed to encourage deep self-reflection and enhance your overall wellbeing.
  3. Daily journal prompts: to elevate your self-awareness and live with intention. 
  4. Monthly workshop: to review, celebrate and focus on your way to wellbeing. ​
  5. Access to the inner circle Facebook group: for accountability, connection, and support
  6. New templates and tools every month 

How often do I receive journal prompts?

You’ll receive the resource bundle at the beginning of the month (or when you first sign up). The journal prompts are included in there. 

How long are the monthly workshops and what topics do they cover?

The monthly workshops are 30-40 minutes long. We review the month, celebrate wins, and set intentions and goals for the month ahead.

What if I can’t attend the workshops live? 

You will be sent a recording of the workshop and can ask any questions in the Facebook group. 

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes you can. Simply email me and that can be arranged. 

How much does Reflect and Glow membership cost?

It is just £7 per month or £77 for the whole year. 

Are you ready to Reflect and Glow in a whole new light?

Reflect and Glow

Pay monthly
£ 7 Monthly

Reflect and Glow

Discounted year upfront
£ 77 Yearly
Best Value