This post was updated on 03/02/23


Take back your power and be responsible for your happiness  

Feel empowered, loved and worthy in just 5 days

A Self-Study Course to Help You To:


Waiting list now open  

A four week live programme to take you from busy to balanced. 

To know that you are living your life in line with what’s important to you 

To feel in control of where your time goes

To spend more time doing what you enjoy and less on the things that don’t matter



Empowering rituals for your self-care and mindset.

When you join Reflect and Glow, you’ll get the tools you need to transform your self-care practice 

be focused on what to do for you each day

feel motivated to take action 

get ongoing tips to improve on your self-care journey 

 be more balanced and less overwhelmed 

£15 per month

Currently available for 1:1 coaching. 

Power Hour

We’ll develop simple and practical solutions to stop the busy and enjoy life!


6 Week Programme

Move from chaos to calm in your mind and life with my guidance, support and accountability. 


Group coaching programme coming soon… 

Simply Shine

Calm the chaos in your mind and life, prioritise you, so you can shine in all you choose to do