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How to Start the New Year Afresh

Updated January 2020 This post isn’t about new year’s resolutions; you can read my post about that here. It is about clearing the clutter from last year so you can start the new year afresh. Embrace those new opportunities and make the most of the enthusiasm and motivation a new year brings. 

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Self-Love vs Self-Care

This post was updated on 27/08/20I’ve mentioned this before, I am passionate about promoting the importance and impact of daily self-care. I talk a lot about it on this blog and I have a Facebook group, Shine in Self-Care, with ideas, support and encouragement. There’s lot of exciting things to come as well by the …

How I’ve planned my wellbeing for a jubilant June

Today is my Wellbeing Wednesday! The first Wednesday of the month where I share how I’ve planned my wellbeing for the month ahead.  To read a previous post in this series, click here. and here. I am so excited for this month. I have friends visiting this weekend, then seeing other close friends the week after. …

Simply-Shine - Hello January

A new perspective on how to shine this year

This post was updated on 24/03/18Towards the end of the month, typically on the last Wednesday, I sit with no distractions and focus on my monthly goals in relation to wellbeing; I have a review and look to the month ahead to see what I might want to aim for. I think this is so …

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Announcing How I’ve Improved my Wellbeing Review

This post was updated on 26/01/19I love how successful the #3forMe Challenge Facebook group has been throughout December. It was great to see so many people getting involved and looking after their health. After the first few days of the challenge, it got me thinking about the wellbeing review and plan I do once a …