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Today is my Wellbeing Wednesday! The first Wednesday of the month where I share how I’ve planned my wellbeing for the month ahead.  To read a previous post in this series, click here. and here. I am so excited for this month. I have friends visiting this weekend, then seeing other close friends the week after. Then later in the month, husband and I are going away to Cyprus for a week. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this. We don’t go abroad very often-together. My husband travels a lot for business and it is thanks to that we get to go into the First Class Lounge at the airport and are travelling business class! A glass of Champagne? Ah if I must…

We also have a UK weekend break at the end of June with my husband’s kids. More travelling, exploring and time together. So as I’ll be away from home for nearly two weeks, it is important that the goals;

  • are manageable (realistic in the time-frame) and I am not trying to take on too much. It is important to enjoy my time away too!
  • are goals that I can work on from anywhere

So read on to find out what goals I’ve set myself for the month of June.

Simply-Shine - Simple Living


Staying curious and engaged in learning new things. Read for learning, read for pleasure. Self-awareness and self-reflection.

The one Mind goal I am setting myself is

    • To finish reading and working through The Self-Love Affair.

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I am or will be reading this book, but I haven’t got through it. I have an ongoing goal of reading one self-development book per month but I haven’t met the goal with this book…yet! I had a realisation as to why I haven’t been able to finish the book.

I love reading, that’s no secret. This book and some others like it, is more than sitting and reading one page after another. There are exercises to complete through the chapters to help reinforce your learning. You need to have your notebook and pen with you all the time and be prepared to do a combination of reading and writing within the time.

I’ve put two things in place to help me meet my goal this month.

  • Started thinking about the self-development time as reading and writing time, rather than just self-development reading.
  • Invited my Shine in Self-Care Facebook Group to read the book with me. This will keep me accountable, knowing we’ll be discussing the book and our progress throughout the month. I also think it will work well and I can potentially help those that haven’t started the book yet.

I would love you to get involved

  1. Simply click here to request to join the Facebook Group.
  2. Buy the book here
  3. Start the book and get involved in the group.


Physical Body

Eat healthy well-balanced meals, drinking plenty of water, exercise, get enough sleep and avoiding harmful habits

Drinking 3 litres of water a day

This will continue to be a goal in June. This is especially important in the warmer weather. At the moment in Limassol, it is between 32-36 Celsius! So to help prepare for this, I’ve invested in this gorgeous water bottle.

It keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours! And you can imagine how thrilled I was to see they had it in rose gold. They do have lots of other colours too, as well as patterns. If you would like to buy your own, here’s a link  Chilly’s Bottles- Reusable Water Bottle


My second goal for my body is to exercise three times a week and practice Yoga three times a week. Again, I needed to think about what I could put in place to set myself up for success with this one. Relying on gym classes for example, wouldn’t work, as I’ll away for two weeks. To ensure I can meet this I’m going to use phone apps and do a combination of home/hotel room and gym workouts. I’ve planned out the month, using a Google Calendar and I will use FitBit app to monitor progress.


The ability to understand the beliefs and values that guide your life. Having a sense that life is meaningful and has a purpose.

Meditation can be so powerful, and I do have a meditation practice. However, I haven’t been that consistent with it. So, I have one clear goal for June-in this category. My goal is to meditate every day and obtain my 30-day streak on Headspace. As it is a phone app, I can easily still do this when I’m not at home. I am happy this is a goal I can work on wherever I am, including on holiday. I’ll post updates on my social media, to keep me accountable!


The relationships we have and how we interact with others. Being socially engaged, having a strong social network

In previous blog posts in this series, I have discussed my social plans for the month ahead. I would like to take this further and think what else I can do to improve my social wellbeing. More on this next time.


Taking care of your global environment and your physical surroundings. De-cluttering a room, recycling rubbish and selling or donating items that no longer serve you, can all help your health.

I’ve set myself the goal to de-clutter and sort my pictures this month. I’ve certainly noticed that since becoming a Blogger I have a lot more pictures, that either I have taken or downloaded. It has helped me considerably, however I am now at the stage where they need to be in folders in categories. I love the sense of achievement when I complete a project like this!

I would love to hear your plans for the month ahead. How will you ensure you look after your wellbeing? Comment below or contact me on social media.

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