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Revealing my Reading List for 2020

I just love reading; I always have done. For me one of life’s greatest pleasures is to curl up with a good book or to read to learn and expand your mind. Last year I set myself the goal to read 24 books: 12 novels and 12 non-fiction. I talked about this in more detail …

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How to Start the New Year Afresh

Updated January 2020 This post isn’t about new year’s resolutions; you can read my post about that here. It is about clearing the clutter from last year so you can start the new year afresh. Embrace those new opportunities and make the most of the enthusiasm and motivation a new year brings. 

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My Year in Books 2019

I love reading but I don’t always have/make the time. Reading is a big part of self-care. There’s not much better than grabbing a cuppa or a glass of something and curling up with a good book. So at the beginning of this year, I set myself the challenge of reading 24 books; 12 novels and …

10 Lessons I Learnt in 10 Years

10 Lessons I Learnt in 10 Years

It’s the time of year to reflect and start planning for next year. Not only that but we’re at the end of a decade. Then add to that, I’ve been with my husband for a decade! In that time I’ve been through quite a lot. Certainly things I didn’t expect to go through, such as …