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3 Week Course, starting 13th April 2020

In this 3 week course, we’ll cover physical, emotional and mental clutter.

I’ll help you to discover how to assess it, why you are holding on to it and simply ways to clear it and keep it away. 

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In Week 1, we’ll look at your home and the digital space on your electronic devices. 

Spending more time at home (in theory) gives us the time to dedicate to our homes. Get your feather duster at the ready, we’re going to have a Spring clean. 


Would you like to improve your focus and productivity? Feel a greater sense of happiness and peace of mind? 

In Week 2, you’ll learn to clear the noise and hone in on what you can control. 


In Week 3 we’ll make way for what you really want. You’ll work on your values and your ability to express your feelings. 


You will finish the course with more control, contentment, and clearer way forward, even during this unsettling time.   

All this for only 




What You'll Get

This course is for you if:

  • you regularly feel overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start

  • you feel exhausted even if you haven’t done anything. 

  • you can take just as long to prepare to do something, than do the task itself   

Sound familiar? 

Secure your place now 

to show that you are ready to invest in yourself and take yourself seriously. 

I’ll help you clear what’s holding you back, then they better watch out!