Introducing 5 Ways to Nourish your Soul

Introducing 5 Ways to Nourish your Soul

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So far in this blog series, I’ve written about self-care for your mind here and here and for your body. Today I would like to focus on 5 ways to nourish your soul. This is the most personal aspect of wellbeing. It is about living a life with meaning and purpose. It is about getting in touch with your values and what really matters to you, so you can live intentionally.

Spiritual self care is any ritual or practice that we do to further our connection with who we truly are as an individual, the real you. When you begin to practice consistent spiritual self-care, you can expect to nurture your connection with yourself and a higher power (if you choose to connect with a higher power) and create spiritual practices that fuel both your body and soul.

If you’re someone that has been on a search for inner peace, fortunately, that state of being is a happy side-effect of regularly committing to your spiritual self-care.

Not sure where to begin? The below tips can help you get started with ways to nourish your soul and help you connect to the inner calm you’ve been craving. Pick one or two to get started.

Introducing 5 Ways to Nourish your Soul- woman relaxing on a mat by some water


Ideally first thing in the morning; before your mind has had an opportunity to get filled with anything else. There are some great apps out there that you can use, such as Calm, or Headspace or you can find some beautiful meditations on YouTube. You can also punctuate your day with a mini meditation; a one minute of awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations; one minute of focused attention on breathing; and one minute of awareness of the body as a whole

Connect With People

Anything from keeping in touch with loved ones to smiling at a stranger. I sometimes set myself a challenge when I’m out on a walk, to make a stranger smile. Why not try it when you’re next out and about? It lights you up as well as leaving them feeling positive.

Attitude of Gratitude

It helps you to tune in to everything good you have in your life. It even helps your brain to notice good and positive things going forward. Listing what you are grateful for is a brilliant exercise for happiness. If you do this every day for at least four weeks, you will notice a difference in your outlook and how you handle stress.

Introducing 5 Ways to Nourish your Soul- woman sitting with a coffee

Free writing or keeping a journal

This will help you connect to the true you. Get to know your hopes, dreams and wishes. This is about creating a life that you love. Really set the atmosphere by finding somewhere quiet and warm and perhaps light a candle. Then you could either just take a deep breath and write as the thoughts flow or you could journal prompts. Three examples are:

  1. If you could design your ideal day, what would it look like?
  2. Describe two moments you’ll never forget
  3. If you could have three wishes, what would you choose?

Would you like more journal prompts? I’ve prepared some for you! Download here.

Lose yourself in a book

It can refresh your soul to escape to another world, through the pages of a book. This is certainly one of my ideas of absolute bliss-ideally curled up on the sofa with a large cuppa. (Or even better on a beach with a cocktail!) Karina Davidson, professor of Behavioural Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center led a study that found happy people are less likely to develop heart disease. “Spending a few minutes each day truly relaxed and enjoying yourself is certainly good for your mental health and may improve your physical health as well,” Another example of the mind, body and soul connection.

The more you show yourself love and care, the brighter your days become; the more energy you’ll have; and the happier you will be.

What do you do/going to start doing for your soul to shine?

Would you like to take your self-care that bit further? Find out about my #3forMe Strategy to daily self-care. You can find out all the details here. 

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