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After a year where a number of us have spent more time at home and probably being more sedentary, your thoughts might not be about moving to a healthier lifestyle quite yet. However when it comes to New Year, many of us will be looking to implement healthier practices within our routine. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are more than two-thirds of obese or overweight adults in America with their children right behind them. Being overweight and obese has its challenges. Apart from feeling uncomfortable in your skin and when wearing some types of clothes, it also exposes you to cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Enough to make want to look at healthier choices. so let’s explore 5 proven ways to start living a healthy lifestyle.


Avoid Empty Calories

Are you snacking on packet foods?  Those quick fixes that are great to grab in a hurry but always the healthiest of options, as they could be high in sodium, empty calories and sugar. If you do rely on packet for your snacks, make sure you check the ingredients and avoid foods if sugar is in the first three ingredients. Healthy snacks have come a long way recently, so there are options available if you need something like that. Just double check you’re making the right choices.

When preparing your meals, you can cut on calories by using less butter and margarine and using cooking spray. This way, you will save over 34 calories per meal. Similarly, use oil on your salad lightly or use vinegar instead of drenching it with a creamy dressing.

Don’t Skip Meals

You’ve heard it before, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, breakfast will prevent you from eating heavily during the day and at night. During the day, eat small portions of healthy foods instead of skipping lunch, and eat dinner early. Eating heavily at night distorts your sleep and makes digestion difficult. To reduce the urge of getting a second helping at night, brush your teeth, and distract yourself with other activities before bedtime.

Exercise Regularly

Staying active will not only have you lose weight significantly, but it is also a way to keep you healthy in the long term. Moving your body is good for your mind, body and soul. With the 9 to 5 job routines, working from home and being able to get out and about as much, it is easy to get stuck on a chair without doing much activity   exercises    . Even in these strange times, there are plenty of options to keep moving. There are so many at home options, regardless whether gyms are open or not. Let’s not forget sometimes there’s nothing better than a walk out in the fresh air. I like exercising early, before your body realises what you’re doing! I would also invite you to break up your day and do something at lunch time.

Get Support from an Expert

If dieting and exercise are not on the cards for you, you could try the herbal route. You may ask, what is herbal medicine? These are approved plant-based medicines that are supplemental and curative. They include Ginseng, green tea, and Ganoderma lucidum, among others. Ensure you get a prescription from a professional before consumption and you’ve done your research.

Get Enough Sleep 

Short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. The effect of sleep on weight gain is believed to be mediated by numerous factors including hormones and motivation to exercise. When you’re tired, you are also more likely to eat “comfort food” which aren’t always the best choices. So try to get enough sleep, getting to bed early enough to increase your chances.


Losing weight is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it assist in having a good physical appearance and keeping away diseases, but also keeping your mental health in check. To achieve this, exercise regularly, try medical options, eat healthy and low-calorie foods, and avoid skipping meals. What options are you going to try in the new year?


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