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5 Reasons Not to Say You’re Busy

How do you feel about the phrase busy? Being busy? Or even better “too busy” or “so busy”? It’s become so much the norm. Someone asks how you are and it is so normal to reply with “yes I’m so busy.”  Do you wear being so busy almost like a badge of honour? We all have times …

5 Proven Ways to Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

After a year where a number of us have spent more time at home and probably being more sedentary, your thoughts might not be about moving to a healthier lifestyle quite yet. However when it comes to New Year, many of us will be looking to implement healthier practices within our routine. According to the CDC …

15 Wellbeing Tips to Survive Christmas 2020

15 Wellbeing Tips to Survive Christmas 2020

Quite often the festive period is filed with hustle and bustle. Your to do list gets longer and there’s more to think about. You are likely to be doing more, eating more and sleeping less. This year things are more complicated, due to the pandemic. Maybe you’ve felt things have been put on hold. I …

Are You Juggling? There’s Another Way

Are you trying to juggle it all? Job/business/house/kids/pets/ the list could go on. Is it making you feel flustered, that you’ve taken on too much and don’t know what to do next? In this post I’ll provide you with tips on on another way to manage your various roles and responsibilities-without feeling frazzled

Confessions of a Wellbeing Warrior

It’s a different style of blog post from me today; more of a personal blog post reflecting on my morning. My blog posts aren’t usually of this style these days. But this morning I had feelings I needed to process and I thought I’d share my confessions with you.

Top Ten Tips to Look After Your Mental Health

  From a young age, you are told of the importance to look after your health generally and this normally means your physical form. It is only later in life that you realise how it important it is to look after your mental health. That’s still very true of this current time as well. Our …