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Are You Juggling? There’s Another Way

Are you trying to juggle it all? Job/business/house/kids/pets/ the list could go on. Is it making you feel flustered, that you’ve taken on too much and don’t know what to do next? In this post I’ll provide you with tips on on another way to manage your various roles and responsibilities-without feeling frazzled

Simple Pleasures

Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

This is the final post in a series on How to Live Simply to Shine in Life. You can read the second post in the series here-Ten Tips for a Simple Home. This post will focus on enjoying life’s simple pleasures. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression Happiness is not a destination. It’s a way of life. …

December-A Month of Self Care

This post was updated on 26/01/19It seems to be the culture these days, that everyone is more and more busy. Diaries have to be full, who can get their Christmas decorations up first and elaborate plans to celebrate. Let’s stop the glorification of busy. Let’s slow down and enjoy the hear and now. This will …