Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

25/07/2018 3 By tinaadmin

This is the final post in a series on How to Live Simply to Shine in Life. You can read the second post in the series here-Ten Tips for a Simple Home. This post will focus on enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression

Happiness is not a destination. It’s a way of life.

We keep searching for something-not always knowing what we are searching for, but thinking that once X happens I’ll be happy. Or I need to do this, then I will be happy. Living simply is about enjoying the here and now, living mindfully and enjoying every day things. Therefore you will enjoy every day, and not just live for the weekend.

Enjoy the Little Things


So today I bring you a list of life’s little pleasures, that we shouldn’t take for granted

  1. Savouring your morning coffee or tea
  2. Curling up with a good book
  3. Being around animals
  4. Calling a friend for a catch up
  5. Taking a sip of your favourite drink
  6. Feeling warm sand on your feet
  7. Crunching through leaves
  8. Sitting in front of a roaring fire-in Winter!
  9. Sitting in a pub garden-in Summer!
  10. Going for a walk
  11. Treating yourself or being treated, to fresh flowers
  12. Putting on your favourite music and dancing around!
  13. Relaxing in a bubble bath
  14. A home cooked meal
  15. Lighting and enjoying the fragrance of a scented candle
  16. An afternoon nap
  17. Watching a comedy program or film and having a good laugh
  18. The breeze from an open window
  19. A good hair day
  20. Clean bed sheets


What simple pleasures do you consider luxuries? Do you make them part of your day or week?

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