Learn How to Forget Resolutions and Focus on Your Goals

Learn How to Forget Resolutions and Focus on Your Goals

16/01/2019 0 By tinaadmin

Tomorrow is “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day”-the day that most people would have given up on their new year’s resolutions by. The initial buzz and excitement has gone. It’s back to routine and reality and how do you add something else to your already busy life?  It is unrealistic to think you can completely change your behaviour of 1st January-no wonder people get disheartened and stop trying. Do you want to be one of those people? Or do you want to create rituals and habits to make sure you focus on your goals succeed in the changes you want to make?

So first of all, what are we talking about here; New Years Resolutions or New Year Goals?

This is where the difference between new year’s resolutions and goals comes in. A new year’s resolution tends to be a grand statement, such as

  • “I want to lose weight.”
  • I’m going to read more books” Or
  • “I am going to start to exercise.”

It could be described as a decision. A statement of what you want to change. But it doesn’t go any further than that.

A goal goes deeper and more detailed. They provide a direction to follow. You’ll know what you want to achieve and have a clear path to get there. Which one would you prefer?

So the examples above might become

  • I want to lose one stone by the Summer
  • I am going to read one book a month
  • I am going to start walking three times a week

I’m sure you’ll agree, these already sound more achievable, as you know what you are aiming for.

So what can you put in place, so that you can be one of those smug people who create goals and smash them!

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Know your why

It’s all very well saying you want to achieve a certain milestone, but why is that so important to you? Your goals should excite you. Make you want to jump out of bed in the morning and get started. They should provide value to your life and give joy. If they don’t, are they the right goals.

Write down your goals

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

An article on forbes.com states that vividly describing your goals in written form is associated with goal success and people who do this are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish their goals. So write down your goals and how you are going to achieve them. Use pictures and drawings if that will also help you. But this isn’t writing them down once and that’s it. You need to revisit this often-ideally daily.

focus on your goals-Simply Shine

Create Success Anchors

It can be challenging to stay positive, focused and motivated One way to ensure success when implementing changes is to create success anchors.  They serve as reminders about why we’ve set the goals and inspire you to keep going.

Ways you could do this include

  • Create a vision board and display in somewhere you’ll see it all the time
  • Change the wallpaper or screensaver on your phone to motivational message, or your goals written out
  • A mantra that you recite.

Say it Loud and Proud

I’ve seen quotes around keeping quiet about your goals, which I just don’t understand. Should you not be proud of what you want to achieve? Tell people about what you are working towards and they can help keep you accountable. Not only that but your goals are likely to impact those around you, so it’s important to get them on board and supporting you.

Daily Practices

Remind yourself of your goals every day. A great time to do this is first thing in the day, before your mind has had a chance to absorb information from other sources, such as the TV and social media. Grab yourself a drink of water and sit and review your goals, re-writing them out would also be beneficial. Amy Landino talks about this in her daily rituals video

If journaling is your thing, I recommend you check out the Daily Greatness range. It is jam-packed full of inspiration and if you follow this link, you can use my discount code! I’ve also written more about them here

Stay Focused but also Be Kind to Yourself

Life gets busy sometimes. Maybe this or this or this. You’re allowed to have a bad morning or day. Accept that it happens and don’t be too hard on yourself. Then don’t let it turn into a bad week and get straight back on it.

It’s not too late to set goals for this year. In fact I’ve heard of people not setting them right at the beginning of January because they don’t want to get caught up in the buzz and at a time when you haven’t got a full idea of what your routine is.

I would love to hear what your goals are. Perhaps leave me a comment below.

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