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Affirmations are great for feeling better about yourself and can be used to help you reach your goals. They are also extremely valuable in counteracting the negative, self-limiting beliefs and thoughts that you are currently holding on to about yourself, your life, and your capabilities, or things going on in the word around us.

The Way You Talk to Yourself Creates Your Reality

This is one that a number of people struggle with-me included. It takes practice-all to do with those neurons in your brain! However positive self-talk can make or break your self-love and confidence on any given day or situation.

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Why Affirmations Are So Important

Okay maybe you are running late, you forgot about an appointment or work is boring. You might get feelings that you’ve let yourself down or find yourself using “should.” I should have got up earlier. I should be better at managing my time. This is a dangerous thought pattern and really unhelpful for how we feel about ourselves. I describe myself as a recovering perfectionist, so I know. I have slowly over time, learnt to be kind to in the messages I give myself. In summary this means to acknowledge the negative thought; -it’s inevitable you’ll get them. However, don’t dwell. More importantly, work on how you can turn it around to a positive and that can be where affirmations come in.

Needing a boost in your life is perfectly natural and normal, as we all have things that get in the way of us feeling good about ourselves. Affirmations help you deal with negative feelings about yourself, increase self-reliance, and help you take action with your life and build self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Affirmations are one the most powerful and effective methods for influencing your subconscious mind. When you repeat an affirmation, it begins to seep into your brain that those affirmations might be true, so it helps to gradually chase away your negativity. You only need to do a Google search to know there are lots of variations. But how do you know what’s right for you?

To be really useful, you need to create your affirmations, making sure to:

  • Use the word “I” to make it personal
  • Use “I am” to be in the present tense
  • Be positive
  • Be specific
  • Include at least one dynamic feeling word such as “grateful.”
  • Include an action word, like “growing” or “enjoying.”
  • Be clear, concise, and make it easy to remember

Below are some mantras to help you feel more abundant and limitless:

  • I am brilliantly powerful
  • The world needs me and my unique gifts
  • My possibilities are unlimited and success and happiness flow easily to me
  • I am a magnet for wonderful opportunities
  • What is meant for me will not pass

How to Create Your Own Affirmations

If you’d like to create your own affirmations, this step by step guide shows you how.

  • Choose one negative thought you have about yourself and write down the positive opposite that counteracts that belief.For example, you may often think, “I make so many mistakes.” In this case, you would write an affirmation like, “I am capable and experienced.”
  • Make your affirmations short so they’re easier for you to remember. Even statements as short as four or five words can be powerful.
  • Start your affirmations with “I” or “My.”Because you’re making a statement about yourself, it’s most effective if it starts with you. “I choose to be positive” is much better than “Positive thoughts are coming into my mind.”
  • Write your affirmations in the present tense.Write as though you’re experiencing what you desire right now, not in the future. For example, “I easily see my own worth and value” is superior to “I will easily see my own worth and value.” It’s also better not to put a time frame on your affirmation such as a certain date or “within three months,” because doing so limits when what you desire can happen.
  • Make sure all your affirmations are positive statements.If you tell yourself you are discarding negative behaviour and thoughts, your focus will be on those rather than on what you want to do and be. Don’t include words like “don’t,” “won’t,” “am not,” “can’t,” “not,” “doesn’t,” or “am stopping.” Instead of “I’m eliminating my miserable thoughts,” create an affirmation such as, “I am creating happy thoughts.”
  • Create an image from your affirmations; pin up around the house or use as a wallpaper on your phone. The more you see it and use the affirmation, the more the messages seep into your brain.

To help you further with this, I’ve created Affirmations for a Positive Mindset -a guide that will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind, love yourself more and shine in your success. It contains:

  • Information explaining affirmations
  • 50 done for you affirmations on subjects including
    • Confidence
    • Success
    • Self-Love
    • Morning
    • Night-time
  • Step by step by plan how to create affirmations specifically to correct your negative self-talk

This guide won’t solve all your problems in 10 minutes, but it will teach how to start a practice of using affirmations, amend your self-talk and shine that bit brighter. This is tricky times for many of us so I’ve kept the price low at only £4.99 for a limited time.

Affirmations for a Positive Mindset

Affirmations are great for a confidence boost and can be used to help you reach your goals. They can help you deal with negative feelings about yourself. They help increase self-reliance, help you take action with your life and build self-confidence and self-esteem. When you repeat an affirmation, it begins to seep into your brain that those affirmations might be true, so it helps to gradually chase away your negativity.

But how do you know what’s right for you?

This guide talks you through how to create your own affirmations, re-framing your thoughts in the areas you know you need the most. Alternatively it also contains 50 done-for-you affirmations, that you can use as they are or adapt to suit you.


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