With Summer approaching and the hope of warmer weather, thoughts turn to looking after ourselves more, especially nourishing and loving our physical body. We’ve had months of leggings and comfort in front of the tv but perhaps now is the time to think about looking after ourselves a little more, as we venture back out in the world. You know I promote carrying out 3 self-care activities each day but there’s no set formula of what you should do when. I’ve collated 33 ways to nourish and love your body and you can start making part of your day or week. As with my other 33 ways blog posts, the ideas aren’t in priority order, do what feels right to you.


Open your windows

It is important to open windows regularly to let fresh air in, which ensures your house is properly ventilated. This improves the indoor air quality, reduces the levels of pollutants that you breathe in every day. In just a few seconds, you can improve your health.


Get morning light

Morning light exposure can also lead to better sleep, which can have a cascade effect on mood the next day.


Listen to your body and what it needs

This takes practice, but its worth learning to tune in to what you need; whether that’s hydration, a nutritious meal or a tub of ice cream.



It can feel like we are constantly connected; whether it’s a phone, laptop or even both. It’s a 24 hour world if we’re not careful. Intentionally take a break and unplug on a regular basis. Sundays a perfect day for that, to recharge at the end of the week. I’ve also previously mentioned that in our house, we have “No Phones Friday” which isn’t always easy but it’s a great practice to connect with my husband and wind down after a busy week.


Turn off electronics

As tempting as it might be to stay on your phone til late, this is likely to be disrupting your sleep pattern. Try to stop using electronics 1 hour before bed and maybe have a pamper instead.


Take a Nap

I’m a big fan of naps and tell people often! I feel very lucky that I can take this break during the day if I feel I need to. However I really don’t think this is something to feel guilty about. Use naps wisely as a way to refresh you to carry on with your day. Just be careful you still prioritise your night time sleep routine.


Go to bed earlier

It’s all too easy to stay up later than planned. It might be because you’re busy and haven’t realised the time; doing stuff. Or it might be that you’ve been watching a boxset and it rolls over to another episode…and then another episode. You know you’ve done that! It’s so easily done but one simple thing you could do, is set an alarm for the time you want to start getting ready to bed. You can read more about my bedtime routine here.


Create a nourishing bed time routine

To follow on from going to bed earlier, let’s take this further and create a nourishing bedtime routine. Rather than simply going from “doing stuff” to straight to bed, create a nourishing routine to help you wind down, sending the message to your mind and body that its time for sleep.


alarm clock

Avoid inflammatory foods

Studies continue to show the benefits of a plant-based diet when it comes to our health. Whether you embrace this completely or slowly make changes, the choice is yours. Either way, cutting down on refined grains and sugars, caffeine and alcohol will undoubtedly benefit your health.


Cook from scratch

Some people love it, to others it might feel like a chore. It’s definitely healthier and more nourishing; you have more control over the ingredients. On average, homemade meals contain more vegetables, less carbohydrates, and less fat than any other meal.


Stay hydrated: drink plenty of water

OK I know this isn’t going to sound new to you, but can you honestly say you think you drink enough per day? It’s easy to forget and get caught up it what you’re doing. There are lots of things you can do to make it easier to drink more water, including adding flavours such as mint, cucumber or lemon.



Stretching is so important to keep your joints and muscles in good condition. We’ve been spending so much time inside and inactive. So now is a brilliant time to get more active again.



Begin or end your day with restorative or relaxing Yoga. I’ve recently started using an app for this called Yoga Go or you could check out Yoga with Adrienne for some amazing free Yoga videos


Disguise your Exercise

OK what do I really mean by that? Well for some people, the thought of exercise might be a real turn off. Some love it, but tell others to book a gym class three times a week and they’ll run in the opposite direction! So rather than telling yourself you have to carry out “proper” exercise a certain number of times a week, how about instead, just do more things to keep active. It might be that you


Go for a walk in nature

Yes I’m sure you’ve heard this before. During the pandemic it was one of the few things that we could do for our overall health. But there is a reason for that. Humans are meant to spend time in nature, but far too often we forget about its importance.



Reignite your routines

Find the balance between allowing flow and flexibility while still having some key rituals and routine to give your day structure. I have a number of blog posts to help with this, look here and here.


Laugh out loud

Laughing is so good for your mental and physical health. Laughter really can be the best medicine.


Dance, like no one is watching.

Or on the table, up to you.


Pace Yourself

If you have a chronic illness, you may know this one all too well. Pacing yourself, and not rushing through tasks is better for productivity, stress levels and energy levels.



Gardening can be a form of exercise and therapy in one.


Take a bath

Make it into a whole experience; light a candle, use a bath oil or salt that you really love. Grab a cuppa or a glass of something, your book or a podcast and you’re good to go.


Focus on your skincare

A great example of something to include in your morning and night time routines. Good skincare is essential at any age, although what you do and the products you use might change. Perhaps you could use your skincare routine as a way to show yourself love and care; use products that nourish and feel good to use.



applying body lotion



Reduce the use of toxic products

Harmful chemicals can get into your body if you breathe, eat, or drink them or if they are absorbed through your skin. Reduce your exposure by considering what cleaning products and skincare products you use.

Treat yourself to a Manicure

There’s nothing quite like having your nails done, it finishes off any look and is a wonderful mood enhancer. Well that’s what I find anyway. Try it and see.


Wear clothes that make you feel and look good.

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing, and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” – Vivienne Westwood

Perhaps you don’t know what suits you and that might be affecting your confidence. You could get your colours analysed. I’d recommend Your Style with Laura


Create a signature look

The clothes we wear matter and can have a big effect on our overall mood; it’s worth it to put on clothes that make you feel better, not worse.


Define your signature perfume

This is a great exercise for helping you define what makes you feel good.


Say nice things to yourself

Say positive things about yourself and you might just believe it.


Quality over quantity

You only get one body, and you deserve the best, right? Buy the very best you can afford for items such as skincare,




Did this post give you some ideas to refresh your life? I hope you’re feeling inspired to let go of burn out and find more balance every day. I’d love to know which # you love the most! Leave a comment below and let me know your favourite tip

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