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September Self-Care

Every month I plan for the my wellbeing for the following month. Well every month but this month. Confession time, I didn’t do my wellbeing review on the last Wednesday of August. I didn’t do it last week either and worst of all, I’m only writing this now. So what’s been going on?

What I Mean by Self-Care

I write a lot about the importance of self-care, especially in my Wellbeing Wednesday series. But what do I mean by the term and perhaps you’d like some examples? This the first in a number of posts about introducing self-care, so if this is the sort of post you love reading, you may wish to subscribe so …

My way to wellbeing through daily greatness

It’s taken me a little while to write my Wellbeing Wednesday post. I felt “out of sorts” in July. Progress with wellbeing and fitness goals was slow. Can I blame the heat? Well partly, because it has increased my fatigue and thrown out our daily routine. July was a successful month in many other ways, but …


Re-energised from my Time in a Rituals Store

I’ve been reading about rituals recently. As opposed to routines, rituals are carried out in a mindful, joyous way. They are a part of your day to look forward to, slow down and experience the simple pleasures. So when was shopping recently and saw a shop with the name Rituals, I was intrigued. This post …