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Last week the flu virus hit the Russell residence. I don’t get sick very often with coughs and colds. Even less so with the flu. My husband is more susceptible. I blame his aversion to eating fruit and vegetables! Although he is getting better at that to be fair. However last week we were both ill. When I was well enough to think about it-I found what I learnt having the flu so interesting.

Now let’s be clear. I don’t enjoy being ill. Does anyone? I’ve got so much that I want to achieve at the moment in life and in my blogging business. These are exciting times. However when you have the flu, you really don’t get a choice but to embrace it and put your health first. We had all the typical symptoms: body aches and pains, chills and fever, headaches, cough and little appetite. None of that was much fun. With us both ill there were a few things I noticed.

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We Slowed Down

Any plans we had just had to wait. We had no choice. We had to accept that we couldn’t do very much because we simply didn’t have the energy. Instead we enjoyed what we knew we had to do, to rest and get better. We enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, like curling up on the sofa with a blanket and hot drink. Cuddles with our lovely Labrador and catching up with TV programs.  And minimal time on phones.

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We Accepted The Washing Could Wait

We can all be guilty of thinking that washing HAS to be done. Or having to do the dishes as soon as dinner is finished. If you are anything like me, you might continue to give yourself a hard time because it hasn’t happened. Now don’t get me wrong. I do think good routines in the home are important for an organised, happy life and I have lots of blog ideas about that. When you’re not feeling well, you need to re-prioritise. Energy is low so only do what you can do and rest the other times.

We Ate Simple Meals

Our appetites were a little hit and miss because of the virus. However it was important we still ate nutritious meals and kept to the principles of simple meals. Two saviours here were online food shopping and Gousto meals. Amazing. There will be posts on Gousto coming soon, so look out for them

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We Enjoyed Time Together

On the lead up to getting ill, my husband’s schedule had been crazy. He was either working abroad, or having a long day away from home on his hobby. There was no relax and switch off time. There was also no time for the two of us. With both of us being ill, we had no choice but to rest and relax

We Operated as a Partnership

I’ve always described us as a partnership. We look after each other and I think that’s so important and part of what we signed up to when we signed the marriage certificate. Every now and again though something happens to test it. Usually it is one person looking after the other more, just how life works. But last week we really did tag team. So for example, one of us might nap whilst the other prepares something to eat or walk Harvey. Then later in the day the balance would tip the other way. It really was teamwork in practice.

Of course I wouldn’t have chosen to be ill. But in a strange way I really enjoyed the five days in our bubble. Our relationship is strong and we survived the test. Although I would not be ill again please…

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