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Yoga and Brunch Club Cambs, Review

I was recently asked if I’d like to attend a Yoga and Brunch event that was being held locally. I was quite excited because I had no idea something like that existed in my home town. The Yoga and Brunch Club is a great way to meet like-minded people. The event is held at different …

7 Self-Care Activities You Can Do This Weekend

Maybe you’d like to incorporate more self-care activities into your weekend, but you’re not really sure where to start. Well today I’ve got 7 self-care activities you can do this weekend, to feel healthier and happier and shine that little bit brighter. Let’s keep this simple and get right to it.

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Introducing 5 Ways to Nourish your Soul

This post was updated on 16/07/19So far in this blog series, I’ve written about self-care for your mind here and here and for your body. Today I would like to focus on 5 ways to nourish your soul. This is the most personal aspect of wellbeing. It is about living a life with meaning and …

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Powerful Skincare Secrets You Need to Know

This post was updated on 10/07/19Looking after your skin is an extension of self-care. It can be a relaxing process to start and end your day. However there are some powerful skincare secrets you need to know, to make sure you are making the right decisions. That sounds harsh, how about not all skincare products …

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An Introduction to Self-Care for Your Body

This post was updated on 21/09/20When we think of self-care, we often think of massages and pedicures. Those are fantastic but certainly not part of daily self-care. But some of the most important self-care activities are those that tend to the more mundane needs of the body: getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, eating healthy food, …