How you view Valentine’s Day might be a direct result of whether you are in a relationship or not (and whether you get to spend that day with your significant other). The generalisation is that if you are in a relationship and loved up then the day will feature cards, presents/flowers with words and gestures of love. The opposite extreme is that it could be a lonely day for a single person. I’d like to propose another idea; Valentine’s Day could be a day to celebrate self-love and all the love you have in your life. This could just be the way to enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own.

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. 

So let’s work on celebrating that relationship and know that other forms of love follow. There are lots of ways that you could show love, whether you have a significant other or not. So let’s proceed, with a list of how to enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own.

Make Plans

If you would otherwise sit in, not doing anything but feel sorry for yourself, but make plans for the day. Remember that you can choose how the day goes. Perhaps use this list to decide what you’ll do.

how to enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own.


There’s nothing quite like a pamper session to make you feel better about yourself. This might be to get ready for a date night or as a treat in its own right. Spending time on yourself and looking good is a way to show yourself love and care. Self care doesn’t mean striving to reach society’s set of beauty standards, it means nourishing and enriching your skin, mind and body to focus solely on you for a moment. So this self-love season, or indeed at any time, why not treat yourself to some vegan, organic, cruelty free, skincare, to get you glowing confidentiality in your own skin. Shop my Tropic Skincare link here.  

Random Act of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness just so happens to be on the same week as Valentine’s Day. So how about paying the love forward and doing something lovely for someone else or an organisation. You could buy a bunch of flowers for a friend or neighbour who has been going a difficult time or look into volunteering in your local area.

Cosy Evening In

Going out on Valentine’s night is overrated anyway; you might go to your favourite restaurant but the menu is different and more expensive. Enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own, by creating an evening that will make you feel loved. Choose your favourite food, maybe some music, a book or a good choice of film.

how to enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own.

Dress Up

Do you dress up for other people but hesitate about doing it for yourself? When you put more effort into your appearance it will feel better about yourself and more confident. So get out your favourite outfit and don’t forget jewellery and make up too. Try it-see how you feel.

Sex and the City Marathon

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to binge watch Sex and the City. It’s feel good TV and quite often we can relate it to our own lives and laugh along with their escapades! And who isn’t jealous of the wardrobes? Remember to pour yourself a Cosmo.


Take advantage of not spending the day with anyone else and use it for self-reflection. You could review what you’ve learnt from past relationships and how they have made you a better person. Perhaps you wish to reflect on what you bring to a relationship and not forgetting what you love about yourself. Journaling is one of the best ways to promote self-love. Regularly putting pen to paper can provide you with daily reminders of exactly why you’re so brilliant and unique — and give you the confidence to take the next steps in your own personal development journey.

You can download the Essential Self-Love Journaling Guide here.

Go Out for the Day

Take yourself out for the day. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit and be a tourist for the day. Or simply visit your favourite coffee shop with your current read. Either way, enjoy every moment knowing you’re doing something for you.

Treat Yourself

Enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own, by treating yourself to something. Don’t wait for someone else to buy you something; quite often only you know what you’ve got your eye on anyway. So whether it’s a new lipstick, decorative notebook or bunch of flowers, buy something for you to make you feel special.

Pass it On

I read this idea today and just love it. Make it your mission to bring a smile to everyone you see on Valentine’s day. How beautiful is that?

Host a Dinner Party

If there is a group of you, you could host a dinner party. This could be a group of singles, couples before they go out or someone that has a partner but are own their own that evening. It means no one is on their own if they don’t want to be. You could even decide that you want to set a theme, such as red food!

I would love to know if you are going to try any of these ideas. Let me know in the comments.

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Tina Russell is a Mindset and Wellbeing Blogger and Coach who helps busy women to calm the chaos in their mind and life, prioritise themselves and shine in all they choose to do. After years of not valuing herself and being a perfectionist, Tina suffered from anxiety and exhaustion and knew something had to change. She set about retraining her brain and getting her shine back, making self-care and self-development her passions. Now happier in her life, Tina uses her coaching and influencing skills from her corporate HR career, and years of experience in making positive changes to her life, to inspire and motivate other women to do the same.

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