Ten Tips for a Simple Home

Ten Tips for a Simple Home

23/05/2018 2 By tinaadmin

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Do you enjoy your home? Look forward to coming home and being able to relax? Or is it something you dread? I love having a simple home. It is the way I like to describe my home now and something I still work on. So what do I mean by a simple home and how you can have one too.

For me having a simple home…

… is about only having what is useful and beautiful in the house. Having a clean, clutter-free organised house means there is less to clean and store, so you can spend more time on other things. And for those things that do need doing, there are routines in place. The house is ready for visitors within a few minutes, rather than a few hours!

So here are my Ten Tips for a Simple Home

1. Declutter

The first step in order to have a simple home is to declutter. You cannot have a simple home if you have clutter everywhere and the house looks disorganised.

2. Simple Furniture

Each room should only contain the furniture it needs.

3. Clear Surfaces

This one probably needs little explanation. Flat surfaces are clear, apart from a few accent pieces. What it doesn’t feature is knick knacks, lot of ornaments or stacks of paperwork or books.

4. One or two beautiful things 

To make your house a home, have a few beautiful things that mean something to you, photo frames, flowers etc. Just don’t go crazy!

5. Simple, neutral colours.

Too avoid the room looking busy, keep the colour scheme to a maximum of three colours; base and then two accent colours for accessories etc. This also helps create a look and feeling of calm in the room.

6. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

This one makes life so much easier for me. When an object has a set place, it is easier for it to go back there, rather than it forming clutter somewhere it doesn’t belong.

7. Keep on top of it.

Put aside some time daily and weekly to keep on top of all the little jobs that it takes to maintain a home.

8. Put your home to bed each night

Starting the day being met by yesterday’s mess is draining. Before going to bed, or before relaxing for the evening, spend a few minutes making sure the house is tidy. The final dishes are in the dishwasher, laundry has been put away and clean towels ready for showers in the morning and cushions are neat on the sofa.

9. Get the whole family on board!

It will make maintaining your simple home more straight forward and enjoyable.

10. Enjoy your home.

Consciously spend time in it relaxing, socialising with friends and family or simply enjoying a few minutes peace and quiet, knowing everything is taken care of.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Has this inspired you to simplify your home?

Next in the series will be all about a simple wardrobe. Look out for that next week!


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