Simple Ways to Be Kind and Brighten Someone’s Day

Simple Ways to Be Kind and Brighten Someone’s Day

19/02/2020 4 By tinaadmin

I had scheduled to write a post on ways to be kind to yourself, as I am focusing my content on self-love this month. Due to the tragic death of Caroline Flack I had a rethink. I feel compelled to help to bring more kindness into the world, to yourselves but also to others. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if that was Caroline’s legacy? To counteract the nastiness, let’s spread as much kindness as we can!  This blog post will suggest 31 ways to be kind and brighten someone’s day.

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In this fast-paced world it is very easy to be caught up in your own life, the stress, day to day admin, appointments and chores. We perhaps forget that we are not living our lives in isolation and in fact it is full of interaction with people one way or another. Do you stop to think about how your interaction makes that person feel? Perhaps not. Something we are probably all guilty of at times. So instead today I’m bringing your simple ways to be kind and brighten someone’s day.

Kindness is the state of caring about other people’s well-being and taking action to help make other people’s lives better and happier.

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Try these random acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day


  1. Hold the door open for someone struggling with their hands full


  1. Surprise your colleagues with a tea or coffee on their desk.


  1. If you ask how someone is, allow the time to hear the answer


  1. Be nice to the people you dislike-kill them with kindness, as the saying goes!


  1. Say good morning/hello to a stranger- you might just make them smile.


  1. Donate to a charity that means something to you


  1. Volunteer at a local community project


  1. Pay someone a genuine compliment


  1. Call in on a neighbour you’ve not seen in a while


  1. Give your time to a friend that needs it

ways to be kind

  1. Listen-if a friend needs to talk, let them.


  1. Sit on a communal table at a coffee shop and show you are happy to talk to someone lonely


  1. Leave some money in the car parking machine


  1. Leave a tip for the waiter/waitress


  1. Buy a hot drink for a homeless person


  1. Take cakes into work to share out at that mid-afternoon slump


  1. Start a conversation with a homeless person, just ask how they are.


  1. Help someone with their shopping


  1. Leave motivational words on Post Its around your town.


  1. Leave a positive comment on a blog or social media post you enjoy

ways to be kind

  1. Tell someone how much you love them


  1. Smile at everyone you see


  1. Be mindful of ways to be kind when you’re driving


  1. Offer your place in the supermarket queue


  1. Express gratitude


  1. Tune in to the way you speak-are you speaking with kindness to yourself and others?


  1. Pass along a great book you’ve just finished reading


  1. Catch up with an old friend


  1. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the queue


  1. Donate old towels or bedding to an animal shelter


  1. Buy an extra item at the supermarket for the food bank.


Take part in my Instagram challenge.

Lets start a positive movement; use social media for good. Use a selfie/photo of you. Share one thing you are going to do to be kind and tag me in it. tina_simplyshine on Instagram.  Then I want you to tag three friends so they continue this. Let’s see how long we can keep it going for and how many people it can reach.


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