Revealing The Reasons For A Simple Wardrobe

Revealing The Reasons For A Simple Wardrobe

08/08/2019 16 By tinaadmin

First of all, I am so pleased to say Simply Shine has been selected as one of the Top 10 UK Simple Living Blogs! You may wish to have a look at the list and see if there are any other blogs you’d like to follow.

This is the third post in a series on How to Live Simply to Shine in Life. You can read the second post in the series here-Ten Tips for a Simple Home. This post will focus on revealing the reasons for a simple wardrobe.

Imagine opening your wardrobe doors and seeing all your clothes neatly on hangers or folded in draws. The hanging clothes are facing the same way, on matching hangers. They may be colour coded, or sorted depending on item type

All the colours co-ordinate, so you can mix and match with everything. It is easy to pick out an outfit to wear, because you can see where everything is/what you have.

If you like the sound of this so far…keep reading!

The Why….

I hated the feeling of opening the wardrobe and not knowing what to wear, or having an event coming up and spending longer trying to decide what to wear than the event itself! I would also buy clothes, thinking I needed something-not even realising that I had a similar item already. My wardrobe is still work in progress-but even my husband says it is

  • organised
  • accessible
  • and easy to view

Wow, music to my ears!

So without any further introduction, here are my reasons for a simple wardrobe.

Reasons for a Simple Wardrobe:

You will feel fab

You will realise you have lots of clothes. Everything in your wardrobe fits you, in colours that work for you and in a style that flatters.

Simply Shine Revealing the Reasons for a simple wardrobe

It will save you money

Before a simple wardrobe, I felt the need to go shopping every time I had an event coming up. Instead I now know what I have so I shop less. When I do shop, it is intentional; to replace an item or buy something I know would complement what I already have.

You will simplify your morning

You won’t need to stare, trying to work out which clothes to pull out for that day. Gone will be confusion. In it’s place, you will quickly and confidently be able to choose items for the day.

Less washing!

Less clothes = less washing. It’s that simple.

Simply Shine-Revealing the Reasons for a simple wardrobe

Less stress-More Calm

I don’t know about you, but when things in my home are ordered, I feel a sense of calm. And less decisions means less decision fatigue. You have to make decisions all day long. When you have less to choose from for your clothes, you can start the day with a clearer mind.

You will have time for other things in your brilliant life

When you are not spending so much time shopping, doing laundry or trying to decide what to wear, you will have more time for things you really enjoy. This might inspire you to simplify other areas of your life.

Simply Shine revealing the reasons for a simple wardrobe

You can have one too

So there you have it; my reasons for a simple wardrobe. Has this inspired you to have a simple wardrobe? Download your wardrobe inventory document-which will help you organise the clothes you have.

Simply Shine download your wardrobe inventory

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